Welcome Post

About the Blog:

The On My Level blog is home to unique and thoughtful features related to video games and various other forms of entertainment. You won’t find any news posts here. Product reviews will be featured on this blog, but they will take a back seat to the features. As an avid fighting game player and a follower of competitive gaming/e-sports, expect a lot of content on those subjects.

About the Editor:

My name is Frank Ambriz and I am a writer, journalist and game designer with a variety of skills and interests. I have experience with editorial, creative, and script writing, traditional and graphic art, game development, documentation, video directing and editing, radio and audio production, and level design. You can follow me on Twitter @Frank_T1000







About the Rating System:

The rating system for my reviews will be based on a 5 point scale (0-5). However it will function a little differently from other 5-point  scales. Scores are not an average and scores will not be given to separate categories; the products are judged as a whole.

Point System:

5 = Amazing

4= Great

3= Good

2= Fair


0= Horrible


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