The Athletic Gamer

*Author’s Note: For those of you wondering what has had me dormant for the past couple of months, here it is. Athletic Gamer is a short documentary film that serves as an expansion of the feature I wrote a while back asking whether pro gamers were athletes?  The bulk of the project was the film but I also wrote this complimentary article that explains the project in more depth. This article is a little different from what I usually write. It was written in the style of a scholarly journal and is on the long side, but I do provide tons of information and evidence to back up my claim. Anyway, enjoy the film and/or article.

Darrel Lewis, travels the world engaging in combat with men of all nationalities. He trains rigorously, perfecting his skills and strategies for competition. He competes in tournaments where the competition field is in the thousands. Each battle he engages in is a showcase of rapid reflexes, cognitive reaction and immaculate movement. Daniel Cormier, is also a world-class competitor. He honed his skills in school where he dominated the competition. From there, he moved to a mixed discipline where he battles opponents in grueling contests of power and endurance. He is currently the world champion of his division.

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