Weekly Wrap-up: 6/8 – 6/13


Jurassic World opens in theaters, is a mega hit

Jurassic World stomped into theaters this weekend and it’s chomping up the competition. The latest install in the well-known Jurassic Park series is both a critical and commercial success. The film is being called the best of the Jurassic Park sequels though most critics agree that it is not as good as the first film. The box office is just being gobbled up by the film too as it had the largest global weekend opening ever at a staggering $511.8 million. I tried to see the film myself, but every showing during the weekend was sold out in advance. I guess I know why now.



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Weekly Wrap-up: 6/1 – 6/6


XCOM 2 announced

XCOM 2 was officially announced on Monday as IGN First’s featured game. The game is a full sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Some the new features coming to the sequel include new soldier classes, stealth tactics, procedurally generated maps and a one-on-one multiplayer mode. Probably the biggest news concerning XCOM 2 is that it will be PC exclusive. For more news concerning XCOM 2 including the debut trailer, check out IGN’s First feature.


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Review – Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2_Logo

I have never cared much for music games. As fun as games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Rock Band can be with friends at parties, they have never held my attention beyond that. This could be due to their social dynamic, their use of large extravagant peripherals or the lack of variety in gameplay. I have a much simpler explanation though, I simply didn’t like the music I was playing to.

Just when I figured I was done with music games, along came Audiosurf. Audiosurf was the perfect music game. It addressed every issue I had with genre previously. It was a game I could play alone and enjoy, I didn’t need anything more than a mouse to play, and it had plenty of variety in gameplay thanks to numerous and diverse modes. Most all, I could play any song I wanted; I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Then along came Audiosurf 2. This sequel came as a surprise as I honestly felt there wasn’t much the original could improve on. After playing the successor, however, it became clear there were plenty of improvements to be had including even more variety in the gameplay. Audiosurf 2 is not quite the perfect sequel, but it does its job of improving upon the original while offering a new unique experience of its own.

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