Weekly Wrap-up: 2/22 – 2/28


The FCC officially votes to regulate the Internet as a public utility

In a 3-2 split vote, the Federal Communications Commission has decided to regulate the internet as a public utility. This will allow the FCC to regulate the internet in similar fashion to how it does phone services. This decision is seen as big win for net neutrality as the ruling prevents service providers from intentionally slowing down networks and offering paid priority services. Of course, service providers are planning to fight this ruling in court.


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Good Reads: Quiet


What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word Introvert? Quiet? Shy? Socially challenged? Boring?

Anyone who is an introvert themselves can tell you these perceptions are rarely true. Introversion is a lot more complicated than what modern society leads you to believe. Introversion does not even have anything to do with being shy or socially awkward. Good luck trying to get other people to understand that though.

Rest assured, there is someone who gets it. In Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, author Susan Cain explores the often much overlooked topic of introversion in today’s society. Not only does Cain expose the many misconceptions associated with introversion, she also explores how vastly undervalued introverts are and why their perceived weaknesses are actually strengths.

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Week Wrap-up: 2/16 – 2/21


Oscars are tomorrow, who will win big?

The 87th Annual Academy Awards, or the 2015 Oscars as it’s being called this year, will air tomorrow night (Sunday, Feb. 22) at 7E and 4P on ABC. Now is the chance to get in those last minute predictions. Boyhood is the favorite to win Best Picture and everyone is still upset The Lego Movie didn’t get nominated for Best Animated Featured Film.


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Review – Console Wars


PlayStation vs Xbox is what comes to mind nowadays whenever someone mentions the console wars. Fanboys of each system insist they are superior and defend their systems, flaws and all, with an unrelenting religious loyalty.

It was not always this way though. Once upon a time, consumers simply bought what they felt was the best product or what they found to be the most appealing.  Above all else, the games were what counted most. That changed however in the early to mid 1990s when one company decided to challenge the then undisputed king of the industry and change the course of video game history. The console wars were born in the form of Sega vs. Nintendo.

Console Wars, by Blake J. Harris, tells the story of how the struggling Sega of America challenged Nintendo, the most dominate market leader in video games. It is an underdog story that deeply details how the video game industry has evolved into what it is today.

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Update – Weekly Wrap-ups added, more content coming

Hello everyone,

2014 was a pretty slow year for the On My Level blog. It wasn’t what I would call my best year. I went through a couple of big transitions and I’ll admit I lost some of my motivation along the way. However, I am glad to say that I got that motivation back and I am dedicated to bringing plenty of content to the On My Level blog in 2015.

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