Review – Interstellar

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Christopher Nolan has now become a legend of sorts to moviegoers thanks to his critically and commercially successful résumé that includes films such as The Dark Knight and Inception. As a result, fans have come to expect a lot from him including his latest film Interstellar, which appears to be his most ambitious one yet.

Interstellar definitely succeeds in providing an immersing and alluring spectacle that in many ways even surpasses his previous films. However, the film struggles more on the storytelling end, especially in last quarter, which is disappointing to say the least.

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Review – Birdman

birdman (1)

The latest trend in Hollywood seems to be making movies as big and loud as possible with enough CG to fill every 2TB hard drive in the country. Birdman is a film that aims to be as epic and ambitious as any super hero blockbuster you may have watched over the summer, it just accomplishes those feats in a much different way.

While Birdman may not have the CG, the explosions or the budget of a summer blockbuster, it is a larger than life film thanks to its creative cinematography, smart writing and incredible performances. Birdman is film to be remembered and one that will no doubt garner much attention.

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