Good Reads: 59 Seconds


*This feature is based the version of “59 Seconds” subtitled “Change Your Life in Under a Minute.” There is another version subtitled “Think a little change a lot” which by my research is simply the UK version of this book.

Have you ever felt unsatisfied with your life?

Odds are the answer is yes as many people do often feel that way at some point during their existence. It may even be human nature for us to feel unfulfilled in areas of our lives. The hierarchy of needs, introduced by famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, suggests that humans need more than just basic physical needs. We need more than just pizza, bottled water and a studio apartment. We often need unmeasurable stuff like companionship and respect. We need our lives to mean something.

The self-help industry is a huge market here in the U.S. and with all the products and services out there claiming they can improve your life, it can overwhelming and difficult to find something truly useful. That is where I come in by recommending a little self-help book called 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute.

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