Review – Ultra Street Fighter IV


What?! Another version of Street Fighter IV?

That’s right. Capcom has brought yet another update in the form of Ultra Street Fighter IV. The gaming community loves to poke fun at Capcom for releasing updated versions of existing games using adjectives such as “Super” or “Turbo Edition.” Even Capcom joined in on the fun with the title of its latest Dead Rising 3 DLC.

However, it would be unfortunate for gamers to discount Ultra Street Fighter IV as just another small update to a six-year-old game. Ultra is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and meaningful update to Street Fighter IV since Super. The addition of several new characters and gameplay mechanics really make the game feel fresh and it remains one of the genre’s most prominent games with its ingenious balance of depth and accessibility. Continue reading


Review – Watch Dogs


2012 was a somewhat disappointing year for E3 in many people’s eyes. Their wasn’t much in the way of huge announcements and the show was littered with big budget console action games heavy on violence and impressive graphics but little else. One game stood out in this sea of mundane software and captured the attention of the press, vendors and consumers alike. That game was Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs continued to impress at E3 2013 and the game generated tons of hype all the way up until its release in May 2014. It was being hailed as a “true next-gen” game and it wowed players with promises of innovative gameplay and freedom of choice. Preorders for Watch Dogs broke a record for publisher Ubisoft. It is was undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, anticipated video game release this year.

The big question of course is does Watch Dogs live up to this hype? Is it the game Ubisoft promised it would be?

The answer unfortunately, in my opinion, is no. Despite having some interesting game mechanics and a large amount of variety in gameplay, Watch Dogs ultimately fails to distinguish itself from other triple A games on the market. Continue reading