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Review – Edge of Tomorrow


When I first saw the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, the first thing that came to mind was “this movie is going to be stupid.” I must admit, I had very low expectations when I walked into the theater to watch this film. However, like a true underdog, Edge of Tomorrow proved me wrong in the best possible way. I left that theater thrilled that I took a chance to watch this movie.

Director Doug Liman and his film crew deliver a smart, funny, exciting and very well paced film that will have audiences laughing, deep in thought and at the edge of their seats all at the same time. The film is backed by great performances by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

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Review – Transistor

Transistor Logo

Video games today have been criticized of holding the player’s hand like an over-protective parent and giving the illusion of control by offering meaningless choices. Gameplay experiences arguably feel more scripted and manufactured than a pro-wrestling title match. If you are one of the many who feels this way about modern video-games, Transistor may be your cup of tea.

Transistor truly is a game that puts its control firmly in the player’s hands. Developer Supergiant Games has crafted a very distinct gameplay experience that promotes choice and experimentation. Continue reading

Tangled Webs – An in-depth look at the Hollywood Spider-man films

Amazing vs Original

Spider-man is old.

He is technically 52 years old as his first appearance dates way back to 1962. It is hard to notice considering how young he seems to stay in Marvel’s comic books and how often he is rehashed in almost every form of media there is.

That is the beauty of a fictional character. They rarely grow old and they never stay the same. They are what the writer makes them and what the fans interpret them to be. Spider-man is a great recent example thanks to the release of The Amazing Spider-man 2.

Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-man films are just another re-imagination in a long list for Peter Parker and his alter ego. The Amazing films are noteworthy though in that they emerged just around ten years after another take on the character was introduced in the same medium: Sam Raimi’s Spider-man.

It can be assumed that a rather very large portion of audience for the original films is still alive and very capable of remembering that upside-down kiss in Raimi’s first outing. Even more probably remember the forgettable 15 minutes Venom spent onscreen at the end of the third film, or maybe not seeing as it was forgettable.

The point is these two different takes on Spider-man were released within a relatively short time, and many of those who likely saw or will see Amazing Spider-man 2 have seen the 2002 original. With Raimi’s trilogy still arguably fresh in people’s minds, there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the need to reboot Spider-man and start over with a new series. Some embraced the idea of a reboot and openly welcomed the new take on the character.

So, is the Amazing series really necessary? Which series is better?

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