The Connection Addiction: When does frequent internet and social media use become a problem?

You have invited the family over for dinner tonight, something you have not done in quite some time. You eagerly await their arrival as you prepare the food, set the table and do some last minute cleaning. When the family arrives, you all greet each other playfully and respectfully before sitting down to eat.

As everyone has their dinner, the table is eerily quiet. There are no conversations. No one tells you how good your food is, or how bad it is, or asks you to pass the pitcher of tea. Instead you look up to see them all on their phones texting away, taking pictures of the food and scrolling through what is presumably Instagram or Facebook. This continues through the rest of the night as you proceed to dessert and to watching a movie in the living room.

For some this may seem very odd or wrong even, but for many that is just the way things are today. With so many people owning smartphones or other Internet-connected devices and with such easy access to the net, it is quite common to see people constantly connected.

When does it become too much? When does surfing the net every night, checking your Twitter feed every 10 minutes, or posting a selfie to Instagram everyday become a real issue? When do you become an Internet or social media addict?

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The Scoop Magazine 2014

This isn’t directly related to my blog or video games and entertainment but I wanted to share something that I am very proud of. This semester I was given an internship where I would be designing the entirety of ┬áNew Mexico State University’s journalism and mass communications alumni magazine The Scoop.

Well it is done!



Scoop 2014 online edition

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