Review – Divekick


Fighting games are often criticized for being too complicated. The genre is often known for having complex mechanics, featuring rosters of 30 plus characters and having six button control schemes. Well, the developers at Iron Galaxy and One True Game Studios sought to buck the trend and develop a fighting game so simple that it only requires two buttons.

Divekick is all about diving and kicking and it simplifies fighting game mechanics to its most core concepts. While it doesn’t succeed in every area, Divekick ultimately succeeds in its goal to provide simple yet deep-competitive gameplay.

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Good Reads – The Art of War


Cover for J. Trapp translation

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is easily one history’s most well known and influential writings. Though the true origin is debated among scholars, the book was written around 2500 years ago by a Chinese general named Sun Wu (aka Sun Tzu) between 770-476  B.C. China. It has since been republished countless of times and translated in nearly every language. It often appears on the recommended reading list of numerous organizations from the military to Fortune 500 companies.

So what exactly makes The Art of War so special? Why do so many people read it? How can you benefit from reading it? The best way to answer these questions is honestly to read the book yourself. It is fairly short, straight-forward and part of the public domain in the United States, which means you could easily find it for free online. However, this article is here to provide some insight into why this book is so influential and why it may be worth your time.

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Review – Street Fighter Origins: Akuma


The Street Fighter franchise is known for its multitude of memorable and enduring characters. Among the legendary cast, Akuma is one of the most well-known yet most mysterious characters.

Little is known about Akuma outside of the fact that he is a ferocious fighter, studies the same martial art as Ryu and Ken and is one the universe’s most powerful warriors. Thanks to UDON Entertainment, Street Fighter and Akuma fans can now learn more about this legendary fighter and his shrouded past. In Street Fighter Origins: Akuma, readers learn about Akuma’s character and his motivations while being treated to incredibly detailed and creative art design along with numerous homages to the beloved Street Fighter series. Continue reading